Must visit places in Rab Croatia

When you come to the Island, you may notice it looks like a moon surface, watching from the coast. But this little Mediterranean Perl has much to offer from the other side. Here are few recommendations of places you shall not miss while having your vacation on the happy island Rab.

1. Lopar – the nicest sandy beach in Croatia

If you are into sandy beaches, volleyball, pedal boats and a great areal of shallow water to run around like crazy, please do visit this place. This is really a pearl in Croatia, and it is very suitable for families and kids and all those that like to relax in the hot summerly fine sand.

2. Pudarica beach – Barbat

A place with special charms beach to visit and just enjoy until the last daily hours with a nice cocktail from the nearby Beach Club. Rent a beach chair, or put your towel in the sand, turn off your head and enjoy the beautiful view of Barbat Channel.